Dizi – Chinese Bamboo Flute – Care And Routine Maintenance

Dizi - Chinese Bamboo Flute - Care And Routine Maintenance

The Chinese Dizi or bamboo flute is a superb sounding instrument. To maintain it in fantastic condition and luxuriate in it for many years to return, Listed here are twelve issues you need to know to look after and sustain the Dizi.

1. The Dizi is product of bamboo so it is more vulnerable than a western flute.

2. When the Dizi is exposed to very cold climate after which you can introduced to a hotter temperature placing, the bamboo may well expand and crack.

3. However, ordinarily the better Dizis are those that will crack conveniently because the bamboo is older and drier. The more time and even larger Dizis will also be far more vulnerable to cracking.

four. In the event the Dizi cracks, use Tremendous glue to go around the cracked line. Use good sandpaper to rub against the dried up glue.

five. Should the crack is major and deep, use a combination of wood shavings and glue to refill the crack. If not, send the Dizi to a specialist for correcting.

six. The Dizi can nevertheless be performed or might even sound much better regardless of whether it has cracked and fixed prior to.

seven. Nevertheless, In case the crack is with the membrane gap, it could be more challenging to repair as being the exceptional ‘dimo’ audio might be afflicted as a result of unevenness with the cracked line.

8. Should your Dizi contains a copper tuning joint, consider care when detaching the Dizi into two sections to shop the Dizi. This exposes the copper tuning joint to doable problems as well as the Dizi may not fit appropriately collectively Therefore.

nine. Use the ‘E Jiao’ (mule pores and skin herb) and drinking water to affix the Dizi membrane. Don’t use saliva.

10. Usually do not wash the Dizi with drinking water since water may seep into the bamboo and affect the tone of the instrument. Use a fabric to wipe surplus saliva off following utilizing and retail store your Dizi within a bag.

eleven. To keep Dizi dry and clean, put a bag of silicone gels inside your Dizi bag. If you prefer your Dizi to scent good, you’ll be able to test putting a bag of tea leaves into your Dizi bag at the same time.

12. Most importantly, to keep up the cleanliness in the Dizi and for private hygiene, use separately.

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